As we all know Boldrewood Tunnel Soc is a beacon of charity and support on and outside of campus and thus many people look to us for help in these dark times.

I know your time is exceedingly valuable so I'll be quick and to the point, the Romney Marsh is the flattest low-lying area of the UK and as such many people find themselves in need of mountain rescue services, services our "government" fails to provide and one which charitable, benevolent organisations like ours must step in to deliver.

This division means life or death for countless (I failed math) people in Romney so it was obviously the correct moral descision for us to uptake this difficult task.

It goes without saying but the workload on this division is immense and free time is sparse but when we do find a moment of respite, the sleds used by our mountain rescue services also provide an amazing way to transport large amounts of alcoholic beverages and for moving the unconscious drunk.